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What is a container port? What is it connected to? What sort of ecology  does it emerge from? What kind of world does it prefigure? Brian Holmes and Rozalinda Borcila invite you to explore global trade in Miami: including places such as Dodge Island, the Miami River, the financial district, the Norfolk Southern intermodal yard, and the industrial installations of nearby Ft. Lauderdale. Using field trips, analytical texts, history books, oral testimony, and various artistic techniques, this course engages a set of sites sharing one paradoxical condition: they are so large, you practically can’t see them. How can we perceive, investigate, analyze, document, and speak back to such massively invisible objects?

We draw on Southwest Corridor Northwest Passage, an ongoing research in Chicago. Over the course of four weeks, we aim to build a conceptual and expressive toolkit that can be used for further inquiry. With luck this will become a continuing project – perhaps your own.


Double-stacked containers at PortMiamiDouble-stacked containers at PortMiami

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