Southwest_Corridor.Many collaborators: Southwest Corridor Northwest Passage

Union: Warehouse Workers United

Political cartography: Empire Logistics

William Shaxson: Treasure Islands

NGO: Financial Secrecy Index

Timothy Morton: Hyperobjects


Alan Sekula & Noel Burch: The Forgotten Space (article)

Brian Holmes: Do Containers Dream of Electric People?

Ursula Bieman: Contained Mobility (part 1)

Alan Sekula: Fish Story

Jota Izquierdo: Capitalismo Amarillo


Rozalinda Borcilă: Riding the Zone

Dara Orenstein: The Cultural Logic of Frictionless Production

Keller Easterling: Zone


Open Access Archive: World of Matter

Brian Holmes: “Something to do with life itself”

Raymond Williams: “Structures of Feeling”

Holmes and Claire Pentecost: “The Politics of Perception”

Harney&Moten_Fantasy-in-the-Hold .

Stefano Harney & Fred Moten: Fantasy in the Hold

Anja Kanngieser: Logistical governance and labouring bodies

Anna Tsing: Supply Chains and the Human Condition

Papadopoulos, Stephenson, Tsianos: Escape Routes

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